Measure, demo, structural work, moodboard reveal… This is the “WOW” week.


We want to give the house some warmth and personality. Using this bird visual we designed as our direction for colour palette, look and feel.

The idea is to make the house memorable and unique for our guests. Creating a logo and Brand for the cottage will give it personality and create a connection with people.


From an enclosed 1980 style kitchen to a more practical, modern open plan kitchen. This space will be the hero of the house, featuring a gas strut window opening on to the outdoor deck.


The home features 2 bathrooms. Both will have bold black and white designs. We removed the wall between the toilet and the main bathroom creating a much bigger, more practical main bathroom.


Big clean up, front and back. Focusing on keeping the native plants and restoring some street appeal.

Top tips
  • Measure… measure… measure…
  • Picking colour can be a hard task. Buying a few samples and trying them straight on the wall is the only way to go.
  • For outdoor paint colour, its also great to test in full sun and shade as some colour can vary a lot.
  • Meet with plumber and electrician onsite for more accurate quotes. Also, try to get more than 1 quote per trade.
  • Plan the Reno week by week to avoid work overload
  • Think about street appeal at the beginning of the renovation
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